Your land is far..
You steal my sun to wake up
and you steal my voice to lull you to sleep.
I drop my vowels in a jar
to echo for you, to resonate and stir up
the sea between us – the still sea of silence that you keep.

Because no more I can repent-
only rephrase my faith in writing-
I resort to what I swore to in despair
until I crossed this sea, now exulting.

From the dirt of guilt, I swore to wash her
from the stubborn chains of my decisions, to set her free.
And she – through this same illusion of volition,
that we built, timidly appeared
from the ashes of thin air,
and now sublime is carried in the air –
for what breath is, for me she is.

I conquered this land, I invaded
like a tornado of sand, I paraded
with colours of blood, I seduced
you. From afar.

Who is she, you ask
What has she done here, you ask,
standing in front of lands deserted by man.
Man deserted by her – man deserted by man,
marred by Hope – marred by hatred. Man and Hope in struggle.

And she beat him. Again. In every land.


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