World Order

World Order –
In time and in space,
a single chord enticed in a lace.
A single word instilling grace;
World – out of comfort and in disorder.

World Border –
The defined deadend of singularity.
..Perhaps a deaf crime against humanity;
We – always shocked by the dreaded chime of mortality.

A world broader –
It’s limits pushed, outlier after liar.
A tower of courage built by a coward,
leaving a lasting impression of human digression.

In this world I live in.

In a world fonder –
of souls confessing
how much stronger
life is than a blessing.

A world in which I am a soldier
of the art
striding forward,
my hand on my heart.
In it I dip my pen
and it’s only then
that I find world order.

Though blind still I am,
still ignorant of the older;
like a needle trembling to the pole
shaken to the core of the earth and the soul,
lost in what is time and space’s span.
Of me that’s what I told ‘er.

Is it this world that will shoulder
the weight of your sigh
and the warmth of your blood rushing?
For each time I try,
it leaves me crushing.
It is in this world my prowess a feather,
floats over rocks with the scent of heather.

With it I serve this world.. in wonder.


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