I can say that.

I mean, ofcourse it sounds totally egocentric.
And me, in a fashion completely unapologetic,
I can say this.

It does, ofcourse, not give me much credit.
But wasn’t me who spread it.
I can say this.

Who frowned upon audacity with rigor?
Who drowned in complacency with vigor?

I cast this stone,
yet the blame
I shan’t shoulder alone –
that is democracy.

I followed brothers
and covered shame
which now smothers
me in betrayal.

I marched with pride
into this game –
I tossed that bullet aside.
Am I saint?

I find myself in languid confusion,
where a liquid paint of sanctity and sanity
Stains my body with disillusion.
A poem far from clarity –
I am. I can say that.


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