You wove the winds and straddled the sin,
loaded it on a sail and set towards the sun.
Did you reach the fire, my fire? Was it also your desire?

You burnt my beauty and weathered my dreams,
peeled my loneliness, and indebted my sighs to your groans.
Did you ever hear me out, my heart? Did you listen to my heart’s desire?
That whisper…

Where did your mouth, so small, learn to speak these words?
When did your eagle eyes learn to fathom infinite futures?
Which wind set you on flight, and my hands I hold now bare?

I combed a sea of despair to dig the rusty feather out of my chest –
in exultation the dried salt around it crumbled and dipped into the sea.
Melted away by the caresses of another thought,
in triumph this pain solidifies into poetry now.


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  1. Beautiful and soulful ❤


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